Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Greatest Gift

Billy Bob Neck showed me a video today. This better be a cousin or I'm suing for copyright infringements!

Teabagging in Aberdeen

I went to the Teabag Party, but no one was serving tea! They weren't throwing Tea into the Wishkah either. No one had a megaphone or a microphone, so rather quiet except for a few honks.

Hello World!

Thanks to the intertubes awesomeness I have established my very own blog! Allow me to introduce myself: I am a bunny and I sing. Thanks to the hand that squishes my tummy and allows me to sing wherever we go!

I'm so happy you decided to travel along with me! Here's where I've been so far...

My first video:

Wandering around town:

And just today I went to the beach! It was very windy.

I'm so glad the hand plucked me from RiteAid and now I can travel the Northwest and sing for you! Tomorrow we're going to a Teabagging Party! Sounds like fun Fun FUN!!1!!