Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello World!

Thanks to the intertubes awesomeness I have established my very own blog! Allow me to introduce myself: I am a bunny and I sing. Thanks to the hand that squishes my tummy and allows me to sing wherever we go!

I'm so happy you decided to travel along with me! Here's where I've been so far...

My first video:

Wandering around town:

And just today I went to the beach! It was very windy.

I'm so glad the hand plucked me from RiteAid and now I can travel the Northwest and sing for you! Tomorrow we're going to a Teabagging Party! Sounds like fun Fun FUN!!1!!


  1. Halleluyah! All praise to the singing Jebus Bunny! When he sang on the beach looking toward Japan, I found beer money on the sidewalk - A SINGING JEBUS BUNNEH MIRACLE!!!! Praise his name!

  2. What is it about living on the coast that gets you people going? Here's a link to my friend Chris Eagon's site. She takes her Felix around with her on photo walks, and like other artists, includes him in her portfolio. In fact, she's going to have a Felix show in Vancouver WA next month. [Lives there now, used to live near Long Beach.] I'll let you know details... hope to see it myself.

  3. Oops--too early in the day: here's the link:

  4. Hey rev, get a lottery ticket and I'll sing at Japan again on Saturday! Thanks Wiwaxia, I hope to meet Felix someday. Does he have to wear a tux to those fancy Art Shows, or is he formal enough?

  5. Half of me wants to cry over the lost innocence cuteness of it, and the other half of me wants to kick it like a football...